Bego Solutions

Do you want to work with me?

I am currently fully booked, so I'm not looking for new clients at the moment.

However, feel free to reach out to me for collaboration on things in the Elixir, or Vue commmunity, as well as for lower volume consulting in the range of a few hours total.

My socials and contact info are listed in the footer.


My typical hourly rates are negotiable, but start at $60/hour or the equivalent in your preferred currency. Daily or per-project rates are also possible.


Project planning & leading
I will help you plan development of you product or feature from start to finish. I will also lead your technical team in achieving the goal of developing your product or feature.
Development of new software features
Developing new, previously planned features of your product, from start to finish. I will advise on technical feasibility and communicate findings at every step of the process. Work can be independent or as part of a team.
Performance tuning and code quality improvements
I will audit at your existing product or codebase, then advise on improvements to it to improve performance, user experience and long term code quality and maintainability.
Test automation
If your project lacks automated tests, or requires further work on it, I will work on improving those to ensure your overall work is faster and more secure.
Technical consulting and training
I offer consulting and training of your own team in the area of expertise covered by other services I offer.

Work I Took Part In

V7 Darwin

Long term project developing a machine-learning platform. Starting as a backend engineer, moved on to full stack, currently consulting under a tech-lead role.


Serving over one million users on a heroku standard-2 instance. Sending over 15 million emails per month. I'm responsible for > 90% of the codebase.

This Website

Written in Elixir, built with the Phoenix Framework, running on a hobby instance. Using Tailwind.