Bego Solutions

Building a Block-Based Editor in PhoenixLiveView

At ElixirConf EU, London 2022

Not released yet

Successes and failures in an attempt to build a block-based editor in PhoenixLiveView

Doing Weird Things With Ecto

At ElixirConf EU, Warsaw 2021

Talking about unusual things I ended up doing with Ecto during some of my projects

Setting up E2E testing with Ecto Sandbox Plug (Workshop)

At ElixirConf Africa Virtual, 2021

Never released

A workshop following steps similar to ones from prior talk, except this one was follow-along

E2E Backend testing with Ecto API

At CodeBeam Virtual 2020

Step-by-step of how to setup an ecto sandbox for user with external APIs, to power cross-project E2E testing